Regal Clock Co. has started its business activities in 1957, with more than half a century of experience, Regal Clock continues to serve its' valued clients with the philosophy of providing the best quality at the best price.

Followed closely by Regal Clock innovations in decoration, and with today's rapidly changing demands in the best way to respond to requests goal is to develop its product range constantly.

We are proud of providing our customers with over 1000 different models with our distributorship agreements we have made with the most distinguished producers, mainly Germany, Europe and Asia.

As Regal Clock, placed in Istanbul, 2500 m2 factory in İkitelli, we offer the most successful people of equipping them with high technology and equipment of our selected team of staff to different market than twenty mainly from Turkey Nearest products flawless in the field.

Created in 2002, on top of the line determines the quality of our brand ULTIMA's reunion with sufficient maturity of product variety, we have print our name among the leading firms in the clocks and home decoration.

We have prepared for you on our web site by emulating the Clock in confidence from production to after-sales service to customer satisfaction and we trust that you will realize the priority service.