You can make payments from via credit card, bank card, virtual card, EFT or bank transfer. The door-to-door payment method is not currently in use. You can find detailed information about payment options below.

Installment Payment

There are 6 installments for Bonus, Garanti Bank Bonus Card, Shop & Miles, American Express, Deniz Bonus, TEB Bonus, Şeker Bonus, ING Bonus, Türkiye Finans Happy Card and Eurobank Tekfen Bonus cards

Commercial Credit Cards

There is no installment restriction for commercial credit cards.

What is a commercial credit card?

How can I have a commercial credit card?

A commercial credit card is a type of credit card that is used by companies for business purposes.

I have a commercial credit card, how can I pay installments?

Business owners can have commercial credit cards by applying to the bank. You can get detailed information about your commercial credit card application from your bank.

When you enter your merchant credit card details at checkout, you will see the install options offered on your card.